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The InterFuse 2017 Theme Is…. Repurpose Revolution!

Innovation through reuse. You know what they say: one man’s trash is a burner’s treasure. Ok, maybe they don’t say that, but what if they did? A theme based on repurposing, reusing, upcycling, recycling, whatever you want to call it. People all over the world are acknowledging our over consumption and production of waste and are increasingly aware of the detriment to our earth and have started thinking up innovative and creative ways to repurpose in art, fashion, and building.

Repurpose Revolution brings civic responsibility to the forefront by forcing participants to take a look at the trash in their own homes and community and think of a way to reuse it. And reuse it as only a burner can! Imagine art, structures, sculptures, costumes, the effigy – all built from repurposed items. From trash to art! 2017 marks our first all ages burn, and Repurpose Revolution will be a great introduction to the creativity and resourcefulness of our community to our young people – our future. And who better to inspire us? Kids have been making art from popsicle sticks and milk cartons for decades! How will you recycle?

Special thanks to Loee Love for the winning submission, and everyone else who took the time to share a theme idea.

Effigy Design Cotest

With the theme announced it is time to start thinking about ART! If you are interested in building the effigy for InterFuse 2017, fill out this form with your design ideas.

Hello InterFusions!!!

We are excited to announce the art grant team’s current activities and upcoming dates for InterFuse 2017: Repurpose Revolution!In working towards raising monies for more ART at InterFuse in 2017 Jeremy recently spearheaded the first (hoping to be annual) Decemburn in Kansas City. Decemburn was a lovely success. It was an unsanctioned, unofficial burner event that, in addition to being a lot of fun, raised $220 for art grants (as well as collected a bit of canned food for local pantries). We hope to continue the event in 2017, and encourage and assist any others that would be interested in doing similar (or an entirely different) art fundraisers. Many thanks to all the performers, volunteers, artists and participants that made this a great burner event!The next upcoming event is Ignition, our InterFuse kickoff event. It will take place on Saturday, January 28 at Prohibition Hall in Kansas City.  Ignition will feature workshops, classes, break-out sessions and discussions to distribute and share burn-related knowledge and skills with our community. We’re looking for members to provide ideas for sessions, as well as host and share their wealth of knowledge throughout the day.  Lizzie will be hosting a workshop devoted to those participants that are looking to jump into the world of creating art funded by the regional burns. She will walk you through the art grant process, foster ideas for amassing additional funds outside of the Midwest Burners art grant umbrella and give you strategies for taking your art to other burn events and into the default world.  So if you are looking to get more information on navigating art grants make sure to keep your eyes out for this.Ignition will also feature entertainment throughout the evening, which we hope will include performers, live music and dance DJs. For more information on the event, visit

Again we plan to host our second annual Art Fund (razor). If you are planning to come to Ignition please look around your crazy burner house for any art piece you’d like to donate and bring it! Even costume pieces are encouraged! Anything artsy or crazy you think someone might want – jewelry, fuzzy hats, etc….if you made it and it’s interesting – we want it. Last year we raised $666 so in keeping with THAT devilish number we must continue!

This announcement is also the formal opening up of the art grant proposal process for InterFuse 2017. We are looking for art proposals that may include all types and sizes of art installations, performances, interactive art, mutant vehicles, etc. In addition we are accepting proposals for a TEMPLE that will be burned as a sacred, quieter, more spiritual burn that can be inspired by all the things that connects us.  It may even be dedicated to burners lost in the recent past.  Generally the Temple provides a place to seek solace and let go of, or conversely cherish and remember, people or experiences.  Submissions for Art Grants and Temple should be made using this form:

The art grant proposal submission form is now live and submissions may begin immediately for art grants and Temple.  Maximum funding for art grants is $599 to allow us to stay within a range that we will not have to send the artist a 1099 (income tax reporting form). Temple funding is slightly higher with the maximum art grant award at up to $1000.  We also hope to assist further with funding for the temple as needed through additional fundraising ideas.

Deadlines are as follows:

Date to start accepting art grant and Temple proposals: Now
Temple proposal deadline: Saturday January 14th, 2017
Temple selection and announcement: Saturday January 28th, 2017 (at Ignition)

Art grant proposal deadline: Wednesday February 15th, 2016

Art grant selection announcement: Sunday February 26, 2017Lastly, we will again be doing Honorariums for “corner beautification”.  Funds will be routed to existing art pieces that we hope to lure to Interfuse and monies will be given prior to the event for transportation.  Nominations for Honorariums are welcomed.  If you saw an amazing piece at another burn please let us know and we’ll work to get them to Interfuse!  Send nominations to art@midwestburners.comSo much going on!  We encourage everyone to find a way to get involved with bringing more art to the burn. We plan to continue to provide support, financial and otherwise to continue to make Interfuse our best burn every year.  Because we all know, next year will always be better.Yours in all things art – your InterFuse art leads,

Lizzie, Stacey & Jeremy

(FunDip, Pippi & TheGod)

InterFuse Ignition 2017

January 28th at Prohibition Hall in Kansas City, Missouri Enrichment + Bachanallian Propensities = Ignition

It’s that time of year where we come together to celebrate the beginning of InterFuse planning season.

Our daytime activities will start at 10 AM and run until late afternoon. This is your chance to conduct a workshop or how-to on your passion, facilitate a roundtable discussion on a topic of your choosing, or whatever you’d please! We’ve done our part and gotchy’all a space – it’s your blank canvas to create on.

The evening will be similar to last year — We’ll come together to ignite the InterFuse planning season with cheap drinks, cheap thrills, and cheap friends. The day costs you nothing but your time and energy.

*** If you’re interested in putting something together for the daytime portion of our time together, you’ll find a link below to a form to submit information on what you’re proposing.

*** Interested in participating in the evening by performing or donating your energy in some other way? Enter your name and what you do here –

*** If you would like to volunteer for the event in any other way, such as cleanup, decorating the space or security (or however else), please fill out this form –


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