Repurpose Revolution Art Grant Recipients

We are proud to announce this years ART GRANT, HONORARIUM and TEMPLE GRANT Recipients for InterFuse 2017! These 60+ art projects will be the recipients of more than $15,000 in art grants, making this the biggest year for art yet!

Thanks for your work, your contributions, your submissions and your participation in Interfuse!

Your art team,
Lizzie Bryan, Stacey Michelle Lindgren & Jeremy Gaston

Art Grants

Barbie Jeep

Sara Glass & Johnnie Elliott

A supped-up Barbie jeep to keep things moving around Interfuse!

Circular Perspectives

Luke Henriksen

Bicycle chakra domes providing space for alternate perspectives, connection, and relaxation in the midst of our effigy while simultaneously creating a sacred space through our combined energies, and the inherent power of the circle.

Tooth Fairy Apothecary

Sara Glass & Michael Ngarimu

Find the tooth fairy’s apothecary on Friday and Saturday for all your tooth brushing and refreshing needs! MissConception will have balms, tinctures and of course, teeth brushing equipment so we can all stay on top of our game!

Flesh Hook Suspensions

Eric Mezzanotte,Star Mezzanotte, McKenna Pierce & Amanda Frevert

Plank Camp will be doing suspension &/or hook pulls to those who are interested in trying the experience. Thursday evening team members will be doing demos, Friday during the day we’ll be doing open suspensions. In order to suspend a person must be in good physical health & absolutely must be sober. Saturday during the day, team members will be doing exhibition performances. Suspension is a highly spiritual & emotional experience. We invite anyone interested to come watch & share the energy. Fair warning: this practice does involve piercing the skin & could be upsetting to people who are sensitive to the sight of blood.

The Lounge of Sound

Jamon Kimbrough

Journey to the land of bubbly, where music is provided with the slurps of fine teas and a stage awaits the bard whom is worthy. Join us, sit down, come refine your sensory palate within the Lounge of Sound.

Steampunk bar and infinity mirror display

Chris Bowman

Skinlab’s modular infinity mirror box display where there will be 7 shadow box style elevated infinity mirrors displaying different colored lights to creating an illusion of an infinite string of lights. This installation will also provide attractive, reflective surfaces during the day, to be used for anything from simple gazing, to photographic opportunities

Altar of the Booty

Garlic Fingers & Ladyfingers

It’s an Altar…of Booty. That is all.

Bisexuality Visibility Project

Shannon Mezzanotte

When you are monosexual it is easy for people to identify your sexuality based on the gender of your partner. As a bisexual or pansexual person it’s difficult to represent without just announcing your sexuality to everyone. In an effort to help the multisexual people be seen, there is the Bi Visibility Project. Here in the safe space of interfuse multisexuals are encouraged to take and wear the bracelet. Use it to connect with other multisexuals or start conversations about sexuality in general. Let’s all wear them burn night and represent!

Yggdrasil: The World’s Tree

Matthew Hall

Yggdrasil is the worlds tree from the Norse stories of the Vikings. It connects the world of people with the worlds of the dead, the Asir and Wanes or Norse gods, Giants of frost and fire, elves, and dwarves. It speaks to the principles associated with expression and inclusion since each world expresses something different and it includes them all in its branches and roots.

The Pussy Wagon

Joshua Smothers, Preston Rodgers & Zackary Koch

Take a step back in time and get wet in our pussy wagon! Camp PoonJammer will offer free rides and drinks, as well as honky tonk tunes when you climb into our old western style covered wagon! Covered in what, you ask?! Covered in major labia! Our wagon will make you feel like you’re in your first apartment all over again. So come join us and have a rootin’ – tootin’ time in a big ol’ mobile vagina!

Chroma Dome of Nomad Camp

Drew Perry, Matt Schnettler, Brendan Sullivan

The Chroma-Dome, a geodesic dome filled with chromadepth reactive art and lighting for you to enjoy. We will be handing out complimentary chromadepth glasses for you to keep and explore your world with. While you are immersed in the fantastical swirl of 3-D colors we will be soothing your ears and soul with a variety of chill music during the day and intricate, pulsating bass grooves at night. Make sure not to MOOP your chromadepth glasses! Find us at Camp Nomad all weekend!

Passport Book

Shannon Mezzanotte

Participating theme camps will be listed in a document that will be circulated electronically prior to Interfuse. Print your own and a few extras to gift. (A limited number may be available at the event.) Every camp listed in the book will have an activity which can be completed for a stamp. It’s a fun way to participate with various camps. Can you collect all the stamps? Afterward, take your passport back to default to remind you of your experiences and help explain the magic of Interfuse to your friends and family.

Flame poofer stripper pole

Joel Chrisman, Lindsie Chrisman & his cats

Flashy lights, spinny pole, pretty girls (and boys).




Don’t Press This Button

Joel Chrisman

Push the button or don’t push the button the decision is yours….. but we know you can’t resist pushing the big red button……

LED Water Bottle Lanterns

Kerry Lindner

Something in the energy given off by the burners of Camp Interrobang attracts the mysterious glowing burn fairies. Venture into the woods after dark and look for the lights of the Interfuse tree fairies.

THAT Camp Sound System Upgrade

Jeremy Gaston

We appreciate the communities support to upgrade the rig for THAT Camp, a home for live music, DJs, events and more. We’ve doubled our sound, and combined the resources of several camps to bring a premier event space with a variety of acts and events.

Camp Moist Hanging Plexiglass Square Deco

Jeremiah Nitzschke

Multi-purpose acrylic cubes, filled with water, trinkets, color and light. Furniture, decoration, construction material…Camp Moist knows how to repurpose and reuse!

When Moist Attacks

Heather Mitchell

From the darkest depths to the edges of the galaxy – glowing tentacles of the kraken rise from below to take on the little green man )'( and his spaced out whip. It’s a battle for the evolutionary ages: will we sink or evolve?

Future Sailors Boat Bike

Marisa Avery Boles

A boat pulled by a trike with booze and water in it. Enough said.

Da Vinci Inspired Bar Art Car (The Shade Whore)

John DiMartino, Brandon Kielisch & Caleigh Conn

The Shade Whore is a Da Vinci inspired art car, shade structure and on special occasions a mobile bar. Come hang out in our shade (non-WinterFuse permitting!) and dance on our front spinning bar!


Jellyfish Expansion

Hollie Hermes, Kristen Stecklein & Jessica Stelladoor

Come make a wish, and watch these jellyfish. Lay out in the day, and watch some jellies sway. Or come at night and enjoy their bright light. (An expansion of the Jellyfish Honorarium this year.

Trippy Sunflowers

Hollie Hermes

This giant brightly colored flower is something for your eyes to devour. Might be trippy, but not necessarily for the hippies. Getting a closer look may be unwise, considering the whole thing is covered in eyes.


School of Fish

Hollie Hermes, Bryan Hall, Kristen Stecklein & Jessica Stelladoor

The school of fish is nothing to miss. swimming, swirling, spiraling; these fish are inspiring.


Disco Wall

Hollie Hermes & Jessica Stelladoor

Not a ball, a wall. A large wall of mind melting shimmer. Reflecting lights making them glimmer.

Spordrobe Infrastructure Upgrades

Steve Struemph

Spordrobe is a gifting costume closet in the spirit of the Burning Man principal of a gifting economy. We offer gifted clothes, hats, shoes, and other wearables to all of InterFuse.

“Give what you can, take what you need.” In other words, all InterFuse attendees are welcome at the Spordrobe. Find something you love? Take it home or re-gift it!

Donations: Fun and functional clothing and accessories are welcome and accepted any time during InterFuse (no regular street clothes please). We encourage participation in this community project!

Spray paint art class

Sean Schwendinger

Have you ever wondered how those artists in Vegas, New York and Springfield (MO) turn that mess of spray paint into a masterpiece? Come learn what you need and how to do spray paint art. After learning, apply your new found skills on your own painting that you can take home from the burn to enjoy for years to come!

Love Bubble camp upgrades

Ronald Neal “Chuck”

Welcome to Love Bubble, a magical camp dedicated to the fun of making and watching bubbles. Come make giant bubbles, day or night, or even get right inside of one! Paint yourself or each other with our many black light paints, make back light art if you wish. This year we will have a new over-the-top bubble toy. It’s a wall. A bubble wall, and it’s bubbles will be the best bubbles. 50 square feet of web made of several sizes of yarn and string. In a moderate wind it should produce dozens, maybe hundreds, of bubbles per dip. All on a base and a pivot, so it can be turned to catch the wind.

Sacred Shamanic Lodge and collaborative Cave Art

Wildy Self

Shamanic Lodge and Sacred Symbols Cave Art Experience will be at the Thumbpen (near Camp LadyFinger). Journey within and experience existence as a sacred being. Her Shamanic Wildness will invite you to explore a sacred space filled with magical materials able to manifest sounds and sights resonant with your inner self and feel at one with the universe.

Free Range Disco

Paula Nicoloff

The Oklahomies FreeRange Disco is similar to a silent disco except, participants are encouraged to move freely throughout the property while enjoying music broadcast from participating sound camps, story camps or, broadcast camps of any kind.

LED Sociological Programming Experience

Chase Cookson Jason Deraneck

What’s better than 1 LED? Hundreds of LEDs. What’s better than that? One live baby at the bottom trying to eat its way to the top. This project is a matrix of hundreds of individually addressable RGB LEDs, designed to dance, play, and stimulate the viewer. It’s as much an act of self-exploration and willing ourselves to understand the project as it is a piece of art.

What’s at Stake?

Holly Essner, Josh Lynn & Brian Bourbon,

An adult playground that contains various playground installations, each made using recycled tires. Each installation will represent a group or ideal that is at stake with the new presidency.


Hoedown and Food

Shawn Catlin

That! Camp will be hosting the Hillbilly Hoedown!

bring your western gear and your boots. Replikant will be playing outlaw country and alt country while the Sexi-Mexi will be serving bbq pork sliders to everyone. So plan on dressing up and watching burners modify the two step into something cool.

THAT Fwed Chapel

Leah Margolis, Jennifer Riecks, Lindsey Moon & Susan Bondelid

Friend+Wedding=Fwedding. THAT Fwed Chapel provides a charming, unique and intimate place for fweddings. Exchange vows and confess your feels to your friend(s). Pre- written vows will be available at THAT Fwed Chapel for you to use at anytime. Please feel free to write/create your own vows. When your Fwedding is complete, please free to exchange a provided friendship bracelet (fweddship bracelet) with your new Fwed. THAT Fwed Chapel will be available to use 24 hours per day at THAT Camp. We will announce selected times during the burn that one of the Fwed Chapel “Dreamer/Doer” team member(s) will be at the Fwed Chapel to help officiate your Fwedding and provide you with a picture of your fwedding for you to keep.

Red Dress Run

George Stevenson & Scott Wendling

Red Dress Run (RDR). Join the Hash House Harriers (H3) at camp Ladyfinger Saturday May 6th 2p.m. for the first Interfuse RDR. H3 is the running group with a drinking problem. Running is discouraged. RDR’s are a thirty year tradition; red dresses are mandatory. If you forget yours we will have some at camp. Come early to be fitted. Expect to drink heavily and be entertained. On-On. Fear of Clothing; CoMotion

The Anti-Church

Lizzie Bryan & Ladyfingers

Debauchery: excessive indulgence in sensual pleasures. Welcome to the Ladyfingers devilish playground. Worship in our statuesque pyramid adorned with a metal lotus flower that shoots fire flanked by our sun ray diety crowns. White tulle and random recycled materials drape your “anti-church” to create a space for worship, dancing, depravity and sacrifice. Housed inside are couches where there will be much lounging and feeding of grapes and wine. This anti-church will also shelter The Altar of Booty, the Ladyfinger bar, The Trash Walk Off runway and sound. At night your “non-church” will be illuminated in red along with fire torches that surround it and lead you to our Shaman Cave AKA Thumbpen.

The Temple of SharkJesus

Matthew Gard, Jeremy Ivy & David Hollaran

The Temple of Shark Jesus brings you an immersive underwater themed dance experience and sound camp with a Sharky influence. His Biteyness is with us. He died for our fins. A Dance Church playing a diverse and artfully curated selection of music from around the world. Three friends have joined forces to bring a new sound camp to Interfuse this year:

Super Happy Phun Photos

Jeremy Snyder & Lisa Crum

Super Happy Phun Photos, an interactive photo booth with recycled/upcycled props and costume items. A place to turn old things into new memories.

Camp Moist Coral Reef Upcycle

Nichole Hobbs

Camp MOIST is an otherworldly, underwater wonderland. Come experience a colorful, texture filled art installation that will excite all of your senses and transport you to another dimension.

Moonshine Bar

Shawn Catlin & Jose Mendez

That! camp will be hosting the Show n Shine bar for the second year. We are expanding it to start Thursday, and go until we run out. (ya right) If you somehow missed us last year, we will have handcrafted Apple Pie, Peach Pie, Cherry Limeade, Lemon Drop, Mandarin Orange, Rise n Shine (Sumatra Coffeeshine coldbrew), and Pickleshine. Who knows, I may make something new between then and now. You come to the bar, show whatever skin you are comfortable with showing, get a shot. Everyone wins!

Date Night Tent

Ben Gurwell, Brian Misenhelter & Kim Gardner

Is it late? Are you hungry? Do you thirst for a refreshing beer? Do you need a quite place to chill for a bit before hitting the circuit? Do you need more fucking candles in your life? Well look no further than the big white candle-lit hut in the Quiet Camping Area to recharge your batteries before hitting the party. We will be offering homemade burgers, brauts, fondue and pancakes every night from midnight to 3AM, possibly later. We may be out at earlier times, but we are always happy to share our beer and food any time and love surprise guests! In addition, our friend and craft beer brewing professional PoisonCandy will be hosting a bitter and sour beer tasting with food pairing at our camp on Saturday at 3PM.

Hair cuts and hair pieces

Ginny Lichtenauer

Creative handmade dreadlocks extensions and clip in extensions. Come see me to get colorful and textural hair additions for your pleasure! Will be available daily from 1-3 at Camp Moist.

Smoke and Eggs

Jeremiah Nitzschke

Extraterrestrial Egg Sacs: Large, alien eggs. Have they hatched or are they soon to hatch? Come to Camp Moist to find out!

Shadow Self Expression

Shawn Summers, Angie Summers

Abandon your insecurities and discover YOU are the gift! A shadow screen theater, dance or perform with props inside the affirming environment. Your shadow art is displayed to fellow burners in the sound dome at That Camp. We will have some props available, shadow performers are encouraged to bring their own as well. Open from dusk to dawn every night.

Capn Nemo’s Flaming Carnival

Neil Verplank, Ron Sheely, Andrea North, Shirley Meyers, James Villapando & Blake Kuralt

Capn Nemo’s is an interactive flaming carnival! We’ll have our unique, Chicago-style “Midway” experience, with interactive games and tasty treats. Oh, and fire – we promise, we’ll have fire.

Circus Frame

Paul Salierno

A life size picture frame participants can use for framing your crazy…whaaaat?!


Toxic Waste Table Tops

Katherine Catlin & Jeremiah Loder

Our bar tables are full of repurposed toxic waste! Or, they look like it, anyway. Come play with our table tops. You can squish the lovely toxic waste safely sandwiched inside acrylic, for literally minutes of fun. Be sure to come back day and night to see the lovely lighting we’re using to make the toxic waste experience really special.

Teen hangout space

Regina Hartleip-Pinto

Sporgasm Light is a space where teenagers can chill and express their creativity without the stress of an adult breathing down their necks. Although anyone is welcome to checkout our camp, only ages 13-17 are welcome to stay, unless it’s during our all age body positivity work shop. We will have an adult on walki talki access at all times. Within our camp there shall be drinks, games, adult coloring books, body or face painting, and step outside for the all ages hula hoop making.

Tentacle Hammocks

James Pillatzke

Come experience the aquatic hammock at camp Moist and let our tentacles lull you into a peaceful slumber any time, day or night. Come check out the art sculpture of the Kraken holding a hammock for you to be able to rest and relax in. This adds visual stimulation to our camp.



Hula Hoop making station

Jill Wren, Kevin Wren & Sharon Quinn

Get your hoop on at Sporgasm’s Hula Hoop Making Station! Follow the signs that take you through the steps to make your own hula hoop – or make one for someone else, just don’t MOOP it – it’s your responsibility now!

Team Rachet Dome 2.0

Kevin Gunn, Lacey McCall, Bobcat Buser, Sven McDaniel & Ashra Bison

The Dome 2.0 is a metal geodesic dome designed to be the centerpiece in a complex of domes and other various structures that make up Camp EZ. It will function as our sound stage, dance floor, shelter, and static system for hanging humans from hooks (as well as the occasional swing or silk). This dome is not meant to be climbed on, as its outside is covered with individually addressable, multicolor LEDs…however, you can still interact with (2.0) in a special way. A ‘three-dimensional’ MIDI controller inside the dome will allow the User to control the algorithm that produces patterns on the LEDs covering (2.0). Any change in the (x,y) coordinates on a button, as well as the velocity, of a User playing this “instrument” will correspond to a change in the Domes outer lightscape. So we suggest you come take a look, at night…come find it in the heart of the Red Light district.

The Land of Whim (Ghost Ship Memorial)

Jennifer Karle, Jeremy Gaston, Leah Margolis, Lindsey Moon & Nathan Kueste

What would you do if anything was possible? If you could have any dream be truth at your very whim? The Land of Whim, an interacts art piece, asks us just that. This piece is designed around the art of Jsun McCarty. It is created to honor the beauty he saw and created in this world, and asks you the participant to leave your own words or art behind on its wall of whims. It also serves as a memorial to Jsun, and the 35 other souls lost in the Ghostship fire. Come visit at night also to see paintings and drawings by Jsun projected on to the piece.

Dream within a Dream

Scott Hopkins

You’ll just have to wait and see……this flaming waterfall.

Spice Pirates

Jenny Evans, Mike Evans, Chuck Russell & Tanya Russell

In the spirit of Burning Man, the “radical self-expression arises from the unique gifts of the individual or group.” The Spice Pirates Camp shares their self-expression as original consumable art in the form of savory cuisine developed by our creative, amateur chefs. In the spirit of gifting and sharing, our art is presented as food samples created at the event and served periodically to attendees during the weekend. The recipes are developed by our own chefs.

Pythia (the Oracle at Delphi)

Destiny Augustine & Leland Drexler-Russell

Pythia is all knowing; all seeing. She answers the questions that you dare not speak aloud, whether or not you truly want to know the answer. Be wary stepping into her domain, lest the contents of your soul be bared. Stare into the never-ending lights that make up her eye at the top of the moist dome, and see if you walk away unscathed.

Camp Moist tent art walls

Hollie Hermes, Jessica Stelladoor & Johnny Carcaz

Let’s be frank, we are trying to turn this tent into a tank. To get the fully submerged feel, I’m making the place truly surreal. Boxed in like frosted glass, not something you can bypass.

Black Box Cooking Competition

Josh Luttrell, Jen Karle & Jeremy Gaston

Test your cooking, creativity, and ingenuity against other burners! Each participant will receive a box containing a set of ingredients which you will use to construct a culinary masterpiece or disasterpiece. The only requirement is that you use all the ingredients. Your creation will then be judged on taste, creativity, use of the ingredient, and maybe some other random criteria.


Kristin Wicklund & Edward Tajchman

At MonstroCity be inspired to create by visiting mythical beasts that light up the night! We will eat you up and dance under the moonlight. Monsters can be fearful, frightening, and scary. They can also help us face our fears and bring out our playful, wild side. These beastly visions become reflections of ourselves as we delve deeper into the realm of frolic, mystery and wonder.

Grasp (glowing tusks)

Leland Drexler-Russell & Destiny Augustine

Four glowing tusks surrounding the Moist sound dome resembling beastly fingers clenching a massive eye. Grasp creates the opening scene, welcoming guests to Moist. This project will be part of a greater collective effort to build Moist in the vision of a surreal otherworldly dimension.

Roarin and the Ladyfingers Spanking Station

Lauren Seabaugh

Have you been bad? Have you been very bad? Come be punished at the Ladyfinger Spanking Station. Choose from a variety of spanking tools for your spanking punishment … or pleasure. There just might be surprise host spankers …

Transmyth 9

Erin Taylor

‘Transmyth 9’ consists of a standard drafting table desk drawer. The bottom of the drawer has been removed and replaced with a piece of frosted glass. It is then filled with twenty pounds of wax and attached to a light box. The custom built light box utilizes eight one hundred watt light bulbs that melt the wax over a period of several hours. The light box is lined with aluminum to aid in diffusing the light and heat. Computer cooling fans are also in the light box to help circulate air through vents placed at the top and bottom of the light box. Transmyth 9 can be seen both Friday and Saturday night.


Dragon Rider

Johnnie Elliott, Darren Geisinger & Bridgett Bowie

There’s a flicker in the night, in the distance a flash of color, a puff of smoke, electric eyes. The dragon has come to Interfuse!!! His electric teeth ignite his breath, shooting bouts of fire far overhead of the crowd. His scales glow as the light dances off them. The dragon master riding his trusty friend to insure no one falls victim to our rambunctious dragon.

Jellyfish Fields

Hollie Hermes

Come make a wish, and watch these jellyfish. Lay out in the day, and watch some jellies sway. Or come at night and enjoy their bright light.

Morning Glory

Leland Drexler-Russell

Morning Glory combines animatronic technology, solar power, nature and art, to create a floral sculpture that opens and closes with the sun each day. This projects explore the intersection of nature and technology, resembling a simple LED lit flower bud at night and opens with the dawn to reveal a network of levers, motors, solar panels, and wires.

IFArt Cannon

Paul Salierno

IFart has dedicated this honorium to increasing the size of the fire poofer that will adorn this year’s effigy “Round things with animals on it.”


The Temple of Self

Nathan Keuster

The Temple of Self is the official temple for Interfuse 2017. It’s shape is a white-walled octagon atop a 2-step platform featuring 4 arched entrances. Each entrance has a name. Shame, Fear, Grief, and Rage. A plaque will sit outside the perimeter of each entrance providing guidance. As a participant, you are encouraged to set an intention, choose an entrance, and ascend the stairs to enter (a handicap ramp will be setup nearby that can adapt a set of stairs for wheelchair entry). Once inside, you will be greeted by a familiar face and your journey will begin. While the Temple of Self has its own intentional track of personal discovery, this temple is also the opportunity for the radical self expression of your inner-self here at Interfuse. It is our sacred space. It holds the vulnerable parts of ourselves and offers a canvas on which to share them with this community. This year, the temple’s burn ceremony will occur Saturday prior to the effigy burn.