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InterFuse 2018 Art Grant Submission Form
Interfuse 2018 THEME:Lost in Space

How do you interpret space? Does the word conjure images of vast galaxies and far off planets? Or does it mean something smaller for you, like a welcoming room or the distance between friends?
The concept of space has always been something that sparks imaginations and brings about feelings of both wonder and familiarity, and nothing brings both of those feelings together quite like a burn.

From giant planetary artworks to tight hugs, Interfuse is always filled with crazy interactions of space! The principles of immediacy, participation, and communal effort have always made this large community a place unlike any other. What better way to showcase this unique feeling than to take it to the extreme!
Come get lost in space with Interfuse 2018, and at the same time, find your way home.

Interfuse welcomes and funds all kinds of art, including, but not limited to: Effigies, Sculptures, Paintings, Photography, Filmography, Performance Art, Live Art, Song, Dance, Mutant Vehicles, Sound Camps, Theme Camps, and more.

Grant funding will be awarded depending on availability and at the discretion Interfuse Arts Committee. Final submissions will be voted on 10 pre-selected individuals from Missouri, Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas.

By filling out this form you are agreeing to the following terms:

1) Artist(s) agree(s) to release of photos for publicity purposes including but not limited to the Midwest Burners website. Midwest Burners reserves the right to reproduce and all imagery related to Interfuse for promotional purposes only. All reasonable attempts will be made to give proper credit to the artist(s) involved.

2) All projects that receive an Art Grant must be fully installed onsite by Friday at 4pm on the weekend of the event.

3) Grant monies must NOT be used for personal expenses unrelated to the art project.

4) Only one grant per project will be allotted. Artists are encouraged to raise supplemental funds as needed by hosting fundraisers, crowd sourcing and private donors.

5) There is a strict Leave No Trace (LNT) policy for all artists participating. You are required to clean up everything to do with your art project and have a clean-up plan in place before the event. Be conscious of the impact your project has on your surroundings and people nearby—including creation, setup, sound emissions, burn, takedown, and the effects of weather while on display.

6) Grant recipients must adhere to all Interfuse and venue policies at all times.

7) . If your project involves open flame, flame effects, or flammable gas, you must get pre-approval on your project. As part of the grant process the FAST team will review all proposals involving fire. The burn scar must be cleaned up prior to you leaving the festival. The Interfuse FAST lead must sign off that clean-up of your burn scar complies with the LNT policy before clean-up is considered complete.

8) If your project is related to sound, be sure to adhere to the Sound Policy.

9) If your project is an art car, you must pre-register, be approved by the Parking Perverts at the festival, and adhere to the Art Car and Sound Policies.

Thank you!
Your Interfuse Art Leads – Lizzie, Jeremy & Stacey

Proposals deadline: Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2018 by 11:59 p.m.!

Selection of grant recipients: Sunday, Feb. 25, 2018

***Any additional files you have -photos, drawings to help illustrate your vision should be submitted with the project name in the subject line to