Before you arrive…

Gate Hours

  • Thursday: 8am – Midnight
  • Friday: 8am – Midnight
  • Saturday: 9am – 5pm
  • Sunday: Exodus by 3pm

A photo ID (i.e., driver’s license, military ID, state ID) matching the name the ticket was purchased with must be presented at the InterFuse gate.

Once you sign in and enter the campground, you may not leave and return (exceptions are made for medical emergencies). All this and more are outlined in our Event Rules.


Purchase tickets at

  • Members must purchase their guests’ tickets.
  • The hosting member must be at InterFuse in order for their guests to attend.
  • Tickets must be purchased with your own credit card or account. Attempting to use another person’s payment information (even if they are your roommate, girlfriend, boyfriend, sibling, or parent) will result in the cancellation of your ticket order.

Ticket Transfers

If tickets have sold out, or you need transfer or sell your ticket to someone else for whatever reason, please use the following facebook group for ticket transfers if you don’t have someone specific in mind. Anyone looking for tickets we direct to that group so that sellers can easily find other burners looking for tickets:

Remember, you can only sell your tickets for the same price you bought them. This does not include any extra money you might have donated for art grants, as its a donation. Midwest Burners and our ticket partner,, have a strict NO SCALPING POLICY!

Tickets are actually transferred at in the “my ticket/ticket transfers” section. They person receiving the ticket will need to sign into and create an account and give the seller their email address of their account BEFORE YOU CAN TRANSFER A TICKET TO THEM.

It is up to the buyer and seller to arrange payment methods. Midwest Burners is by no means responsible for ticket transfers between 3rd parties, so be careful.

Gear Checklist

Whether you bring only the bare essentials or the entire house, be sure to carefully consider each of these equipment categories:

  • Tent or structure(s)
  • Food
  • Water
  • Clothing and costumes
  • Sleeping arrangements
  • Weather related items
  • First Aid Kit
  • Fun stuff to play with and share with others
  • Garbage bags or boxes


InterFuse couldn’t happen without all the dedicated people each year that volunteer to make everything happen as magically as it does. Head over to the Volunteer page to learn how YOU can volunteer at InterFuse!

Gifting Economy

The gift economy is a unique feature of the Burner community. Unlike currency and barter based economies, we offer gifts that are freely given with no expectation of reciprocation. It liberates us from the commodification present in the default world.

There will be no vending or commercial advertising at InterFuse. Bring everything you will need to camp, celebrate, and survive for the duration of the event.

Water and Ice

There are more than 25 drinking water spigots located at various areas around the campground. These are marked on the campground map.

To enable participants to keep their food properly chilled, ice is the exception to our decommodified space.

Location: Shriners’ shelter
When: Thurs-Sat 11-1 & 7-8
Price: $3 per 7lb bag, cash

Potties and Showers

In addition to the flush toilets in the shower house, there are multiple porta-loos scattered throughout the grounds. Their locations will be marked on the map.

Remember – if it doesn’t come from your body, don’t put it in the potty! No condoms, lady products, ciggie butts, or trash of any kind should be put in the toilets, urinals, or porta-loos.

Hot showers can be had at the shower house. Do NOT leave any personal belongings in the showers or on the sink counters. If you wish to gift condoms or facial scrub or something bath-like, bring a container to keep it in and make sure to pick up any leftovers before you leave. Better yet, place your gifts at the Giving Tree or personally distribute them.

Sound Rules and dB limits:

Just read the Sound Policy…

Noise Complaints

Be mindful that we are not immune to noise complaints. If InterRangers ask you to turn down your sound system, please do so immediately.

DJ’s and Performers

InterFuse does not “book” musical acts – no one is paid, no one gets a comp ticket. Everyone coming to InterFuse is a participant, donating their time, equipment and talent for the enjoyment of all.

If you are a DJ or musician and want to do your thing at InterFuse, you have 2 options:

Bring everything necessary to perform your music. This might include a tent, speakers, and maybe a power source, or find a Theme Camp or sound venue with an open time slot. It’s cool to help a Theme Camp set up their camp or do something equally nice when they let you play on their system.

There is no flyering or promoting at InterFuse. The emphasis is on making friends, not building a consumer base.